Our Process

It’s All About The Make

Crafting the perfect garment starts with the right fabric. Just as an incredible meal is the sum of high quality ingredients, the same goes for fabric and clothing. Big box brands are notorious for making clothes out of shabby cloth that’s full of synthetic additives that masks rough texture and poor construction. We knit all our own fabrics ensuring quality all the way back to the yarn, so the life-cycle of our clothes is made to several seasons. We source our soft, durable long-grain cotton from the finest cotton growers on the planet, and while you may find that some our products are slightly structured at first, these clothes are built to last a lifetime and improve with every wash and wear.

It’s All About The Make

The Story in the Factory

Using our inventive supply chain techniques we can cut, sew, dye and stock 10,000 t-shirts in ten days, allowing us to offer the best quality at the best price.

Buck Mason Process

Built For The Long Haul

We want our clothes to outlive us—that doesn’t just mean making clothes that won't fall apart, it means designing something timeless, something that will always be relevant. We're refining the Men's wardrobe, taking it apart, and putting it back together piece by piece. We want to modernize the clothes that men have been wearing for generations, and do it better, by improving the fabric, optimizing the construction and selling it at an incredible price. We started with a tee shirt, pulling our favorite designs together and custom making the fabric. We keep up with the modern trend , time honored cuts in world class fabrics, built for today and worn forever.